“I do not believe in influencing, I believe in motivating my reader to be a better version of herself/himself.”

The Highbrow is a blog by Pratibha Sharma where she talks about things she likes and things that interest her, from Fashion and Beauty to Lifestyle, to Brands that one should know about.

She believes in making all the effort possible to create content that keeps the reader engaged and wanting to come back for more.

The Highbrow

Professionally, a Fashion Management post graduate interning at Benetton India Pvt. Ltd., Pratibha likes to work with brands as a person who can creatively add the touch of her own style to the products for the readers to relate to it as easily as possible.

She believes in sharing of information in a very precise, crisp and to-the point kind of manner. She likes to keep it minimal and relatable, easy to grasp and easy to put to use.


*You can contact her for booking and collaborations at pratibha.thehighbrow@gmail.com*