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Exclusively, Label RishMaan: The Interview


Already making it big with a mere 6 months in the industry, this label by Payal Jain is surely going big in a few years, or months (who knows!). Featured as one of the best street styles at LilFlea by MumbaiMirror, sported by celebrities and bloggers, already collaborating with a few big multi-designer stores, Label RishMaan is one if its kind. So, I took up the responsibility to bring this awesomeness bare for you in an exclusive interview with the beautiful designer Payal herself.

Here are the excerpts of the interview:

When did you start your label? What is the inspiration behind it?

A: It had started officially on 10th October 2016. I had previously done Diploma in Fashion and thereafter worked as an Assistant Designer for Lakme and India Fashion week designer, Paromita Banerjee, for one and a half years. The thought of starting my own label was always somewhere there but I never saw it coming this early. It was after my Mom’s sudden departure in June,2016 – that I felt this strong force inside – of dedicating this label to her as a tribute. The name RishMaan emerged from the blend of my parent’s names and has been an inspiration throughout!

What kind of merchandise do you provide? What is the range?

A: We are more into ethno-contemporary styles and silhouettes. We do everything from casual tops to pleated tunics and gowns – straight pants to draped skirts but almost everything that we do has the aroma of ethnicity with a modern twist or vice versa. We have outfits starting from INR 2200/- till INR 8000/- at the moment.

What are your selling platforms?

A: We started off online through Instagram and then our official website but on being approached by many offline multi -designer stores – we have collaborated with some in Kolkata, Chennai and Bombay recently. So, we sell through both the mediums now.

Great, can you name a few of them for my readers?

A: Sure. We are already dealing with Suruchi and Tamara, to name a few, and are in talks with Good Earth for the same.

What is your creative process like?

A: In this Industry – I have seen a lot of brands swearing by pantone colors, mood boards, silhouettes of the season, etc but good or bad – I haven’t stuck to these fashion guides in any of my collection.
So, our creative process has always been quite simple but different – We focus more on creating something which is fresh, using colors which might not even match the pantone shades of the season. We pick up one feature, say for example – stripes, and expand it, adding an edge to what’s already there. We work on the creative details, the textures of the fabric and bring them together with a silhouette and color that goes with it completely!!

The “Vibes of Stripes” Handwoven Set

That’s amazing, how do you plan to take it forward?

A: Its been quite a journey already and we are looking forward to many more healthy and fruitful collaborations in the near future with stores like Good Earth. Now that we have entered the offline market as well, we are planning to expand our availability all across India. Also, we are on the list of many celebrity stylists at the moment and this would definitely add a sharper edge to our online market!

What is your client base like?

Label RishMaan has been a brand which has something for everyone. The main idea was to offer creations for all sections of the society and this has been the main reason behind a wide variety of client base that we have. Where we have had young masses, senior doctors, medical students, teachers, wives and daughters of army officers wearing our label, we also have celebrity stylists, fashion bloggers and celebrities like Shivangi Joshi and Vrushika Mehta(to name some) as our clientele.

Actor, Shivangi Joshi in their “Waves of Ikat” dress

Blogger, Khushboo Ahuja in their “Mystical Ikat” dress

Do you design for other brands?

A: No, we don’t. Dedicated to our own brand- RishMaan soulfully.

And how do you balance multiple orders?

A: Ah! There are days where we often have to work for 16- 18 hours a day with very short breaks to meet the deadlines. My karigars stay back at the workplace to pace up the production. Its pure teamwork and the team is growing into a bigger family with the expansion of the label.

Which is your best selling design?
A: The ‘Waves of Ikat‘ collection has been the best selling amongst the rest. We have to restock it time and again on demand!!

What is your niche? And what is the market for you like?

A: Creating unique ethno-contemporary looks has been our niche since we began. As I said, we cater to the needs of a wide section of the soceity but yes, there’s one thing common when we target the market – People who swear by sensible and evergreen fashion surely pick us up as we create designs which are here to stay rather than producing something which is a matter of just one season!

There Summer Festive’ 17 Collection is out now.

Image Courtesy: Label RishMaan

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26 thoughts on “Exclusively, Label RishMaan: The Interview”

  1. Breathtaking collection…. everything from the quality to fit is up to the mark… Marked level of customer Satisfaction… Looking forward to buy more 😘😘😘 all the best and keep up the good work @labelrishman

  2. You guys do amazing work. Great cooepration and wonderful support.
    I’m in love with tha waves of ikkat dress.. Keep up the good work.

  3. I really loved the collection. I really like that they care about their customers. They take care about the deadlines (delivery). They respond very quickly.
    Awesome ❤❤
    10 points. ☺

  4. Some superb dresses that I haven’t seen ever before! I like your work as they always come with perfect fitting!! I am very satisfied and have now got a super duper Designer brand to shop from and that’s – ‘Label RishMaan’💕
    Thanks for all the beautiful dresses😍

  5. Some superb dresses that I haven’t seen ever before! I like your work as they always come with perfect fitting!! I am very satisfied and have now got a super duper Designer brand to shop from and that’s – ‘Label RishMaan’💕
    Thanks for all the beautiful dresses😍

  6. Great work .. supa impressed.. perfect quality.. love the creativity..fitings are commendable.. keep doing .. all the best🤗🤗🤗


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