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How to clean and organize your closet in eight easy steps

Let’s start with a fun-fact:

I don’t ever throw the clothes that I have a liking for even if I haven’t worn it in like last two years. The reason for liking it could be anything, from an emotional attachment to the nostalgic feeling that I get when I see that particular item of clothing.

When you would read other “wardrobe cleaning” posts, they will first suggest you to get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in the last one year. But I disagree with that. And no, I don’t have a problem with giving away my clothes to another home, but I take a while to get rid of an item. I get rid of it when I loose the attachment that I have with it. Or if it doesn’t remind me of anything pleasant anymore.

I understand that decluttering a closet is no less than a life battle, but these few easy steps should be able to help you find your way:

How to start cleaning?

Make three boxes

I would suggest that you first start with piling up all your clothes in three boxes, one for the ones that you want to keep and one for the ones that you are finally ready to get rid of. The third box will be the one where you put all the seasonal clothes. For example, if summers are approaching, it’s time to pack your winter clothes and make space in the wardrobe!

Let’s categorize

Now we are talking about only the first box with the clothes that we want to keep.

Sort them out on the basis of categories: Tops, Jeans, Skirts, Dresses, Jackets, etc., or if you want to go savage, you can sort them by color. However, I don’t think color sorting would be of any help in the future.

Hang them pieces up

It is advisable to hang only those clothes that you rarely wear and want to keep in proper shape. For example, jackets should be hung so that they don’t loose out on their shape. The other few can be sarees, formal pieces, etc.

Great idea to have an ironing board in the closet! #closets #organization handige strijkplank voor klein huis, small home

Get wardrobe organizers

I swear by wardrobe organizers. I have a tiny closet and it sometimes gets difficult for me to fit in everything (because, read fun fact above!)

Inner wear organizers, stole organizers, shoe organizers, jewelry and accessories organizers are SAVIORS. Trust me, they will save you a lot of space. You can buy some at crazy prices on Amazon.

Wardrobe Drawer Organization. small space storage tips #smallspaces

The “Maybe” section

Once you have organized everything that you surely want to keep, it is time to go back to box two- the one which you don’t really want.

Try on those clothes. See if you can pair them up with something to make them look better or if you can do a DIY to renew it! If the answer is yes, keep it.

Do the stuffing

Stuff all the rarely used, but important, items in the last rack. For example, bags, beachwear, etc. Whatever you think is of no use to you for the next two months at least should find its place in the last rack of the closet.


So you are almost done here. The last thing that I would suggest is that before you donate the clothes, just check on them if they are worth wearing. Do not donate damaged clothes. It is a good idea to trash it rather.

You can also try reselling your clothes that are in a good condition because there are quite a lot of websites/apps out there which let you sell pre-loved fashion for a good price in return. Sounds like a good deal, eh?

Display them bags

So I got this idea from a really close friend of mine. She has displayed all her bags on a coat hanger in her room, and it looks beautiful. However, it can be a little hard to maintain, but what isn’t after all?

Go, get creative!

Árbol de palés en pared …


With this, I will take your leave and hope that you have already put some music on and started sorting your closet out.

PRO TIP: Pile up your clothes on the bed, it motivates you get done with the task before bed time!


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Love and Tight Hugs

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