How to motivate people to do better

Okay, so I know for a fact, how important motivation in life is. And that is because, I am not getting any. It is really a struggle to motivate myself day in and day out, to do better, to be better and to make people around myself be better.

There are days I sulk to the point of crying to bed at night, hungry for motivation and appreciation. I have even called up a couple of friends to literally ask them to motivate me. But it does not help really. How is it of any help if you have to ask for it?

You need to first start with surrounding yourself with people who motivate you, in some or the other way and cut down on people who are not serving any purpose in life. What are friends for if they can’t help you grow?

So it stuck me to take this as a responsibility and motivate my readers to motivate people around them.

How do you start?


Do not ever forget to take out a few precious seconds of your day to appreciate something or someone that made you smile. Let them know! It will motivate them to do it better the next time. It will motivate them to not stop doing what they are doing.

I make it a point to comment on each and every picture I see on social media that makes me happy. Any picture that I appreciate for simplest of reasons. I make it a point to personally thank people who take out the time, once in a while, to comment on my pictures, my blog or send me heart-felt messages. This makes me want to do better. And I again want to thank each of you lovely souls who have ever taken out the time to appreciate my work. Keep appreciating and keep motivating people around you. You guys rock!


This is more or less the same as the point above. Communication is important. We as human beings are hungry for communication of any kind. There are people who do not like talking to people, do not like coming out of their caves but trust me, they are somewhere afraid. Afraid of what a communication might lead to. Try and break that barrier because you don’t know what might be in store for you when you get talking.

I myself was very bad at communicating with new people. I had inhibitions. But since 2018 has started, I made it a point to talk to as many people as I can. And you won’t believe, but I ended up making some really good friends out of this, and these are people I thought I would never talk to. But it makes me so happy that I let off my inhibitions and let it flow.

Be an Example

Don’t expect people to be good to you if you can’t be good to them. Start small. Set an example. If you make a person smile by appreciating them, they will someday return the favor and make your days better and brighter. You can’t just sit and wait for appreciation. You got to do your part of the work before you expect it out of anyone else.


Don’t hesitate to connect with people you think are similar to you or someone you like for any random reason. Drop them a text, there are chances they will revert in affirmative. And if they don’t, it’s not the end of the world. You made an effort and you should continue doing that because baby, you will reap benefits out of it. Benefits here do not mean any materialistic gain, but it means motivation and love in return. Like Mother Teresa said it, “Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”


Love and more power to you


The Highbrow


12 thoughts on “How to motivate people to do better”

  1. Reading your blog is a pleasure! Love how you communicate your thoughts in easy words. Girl definitely not cutting you down. Cause obviously you know how to say sweet and mean stuff to make me smile. Loads of love to you

    1. If you make a person smile by appreciating them, they will someday return the favor and make your days better and brighter. This is so relatable and true πŸ™‚

  2. This is beautiful. I am taking a note and i will follow so that i can bring the positivity in me and with peoples as well.

  3. That’s probably one of the most important thing that needs to be shared and glad you did it so amazingly! πŸ™‚


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