Major Fashion Trends from the 1980’s that are back

Did you notice the coming back of an era on the runways and the streets? The era of sequins, lots of neon, spandex; loved and hated by some at the same time.

Yes, definitely the 80’s were too loud and it will be difficult to sculpt into that “flashy” fashion again after all the minimal talk. But don’t worry, if you know what elements to pick and how to pull it off without looking too risky, then the game is on!


The biggest trend from the 80’s that is back is the Big Shoulder Pads and Sleeves. Shoulder pads were considered a fashion faux pas, but oh good lord, it’s the trendiest thing this season! However, it’s safe to not wear anything voluminous with those to keep the sleek look, especially not baggy pants.

The ’80s Fashion Trends That Are Back Today | StyleCaster


The next in the line is the Oversized Printed Denim Jackets which you must have seen on the streets or on other fashion blogs by now. It is being worn like crazy, and you can steal a great buy from Shein because Shein is selling some beautiful designs, and it’s not a pain to the pocket as well.

Some of my favourite denim jackets on Shein are (Click on them to buy!):


Pegged Jeans are back from the 80’s. Get out that loose pair of yours and roll ’em cuffs up in a tight fashion. Various tutorials are available on the internet on how to do it right. So, what are you waiting for, go get pegging already!


Waist Clinching Wide Belts did not really completely fade away, but yes they are now going to be seen everywhere, from paired with summer dresses and balloon pants, to denims and mini skirts. And the good part is that these can brighten up any dull outfit in a matter of seconds.

A Smart Trick for Making Sure Your Outfits Are Always Amazing via @WhoWhatWearUK


Trouser Suit and Flat Shoe is all that is heaven this season. 1980’s was all about power dressing with broad shoulders and a thin waist. And when power dressing comes in, how can Trouser Suits be left behind.

Button Detail Suit Cigarette Trousers Grey - Co-Ordinates - Missguided


These are some of the major major styles that are back from the 1980s but hold your breath, ’cause there’s more. And I will keep coming with them in my new blog posts.

Don’t shy away from trying these on the street, and remember, fashion is not equal to being timid. Fashion is equal to being confident in what you wear, wherever you where it. Just don’t forget one thing- to rock it!

Be back with more content.

Till then, keep sharing, keep loving.

Love and Hugs

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