Media Preview of Shuffling Suitcases

I got the opportunity to attend the media preview of Shuffling Suitcases ‘Travel Edit’, by the cutest Devyani Kapoor aka Breviloquent, yesterday.

Shuffling Suitcases is a platform, curated by Devyani, for ethical homegrown brands and underground artists from all over the country. 9th of March 2018 was the media preview of its third edition at Greenr Cafe, Store and Retail Space at Shahpur Jat, New Delhi.

Shuffling Suitcases started its first edition with Devyani’s soul city Calcutta. Hence, we could see quite a lot of brands from Calcutta present at the event.

The exhibition is open to public from 10th March 2018 to 11th March 2018, from 1100 hours to 2100 hours.

It includes brands like Bhomra Designs, Razia Kunj, Galang Gabaan, SR Sonali Raman,ES., Hathi, Parama, Howrah Bridge, The Yellow Gypsy, etc. The food is organised by Greenr Cafe itself. It’s vegan and it’s yummmy. I personally loved the Beetroot Bruschettas!

I am glad I was a part of this beautiful idea. It is a very well curated platform for ethical fashion brands and artists to come together, have a chat, meet people and convey their approach towards unimpeachable products, and how people should make more conscious choices when it comes to buying products.

Ethical products maximize benefits to people and communities while minimizing the impact on the environment. Not only do consciously designed products positively influence how we shop, they also leaves us feeling good about our purchases and inspire other companies to do better.

Hence, I feel we should help this design philosophy and trend to grow and make people aware of the fact that most brands harm the environment with its unethical practices of manufacturing, designing or sourcing, and its high time that we stop supporting them.

I myself am a person who doesn’t think a tad bit before buying a product if it looks good, but I think sometimes we should actually give it a thought.

With Love,

The Highbrow


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