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Menstrual Health with Purganics

When it comes to staying healthy, we talk about our diet, our skin, hair and body. But never do we talk about our menstrual health, do we?

Today, we will talk exactly about that.

Everyone’s well aware of the fact that most of the people are turning towards organic products these days. Those are like THE THING. Hence, now there are organic female hygiene products available in the market as well, like organic pads, liners and tampons.

One such company, providing us with such miraculously healthy product is Purganics.

Wearing a chemical-laden product pressed up against you 24*7 for 5 days a month can do all kinds of shit to your body, like, *fun facts*, Cervical Cancer. Umm, yes!

Did you know that conventionally grown cotton is considered one of the most toxic crops? And the problem with conventional sanitary pads is that the FDA doesn’t make feminine hygiene companies list their products’ ingredients. And, when you utilize items that contain non-natural cotton, there’s a decent possibility despite everything, that they contain some buildup from chemical herbicides and pesticides.

Hence, organic pads and tampons are the way to go.

Why I like Purganics

Purganics is transparent about the materials used in the products. Their products are 100% natural and free from plastics, perfumes, chlorine based dyes, petroleum derived products and pesticides.

It uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is naturally absorbent.

It has a dental hygiene line also, which uses 100% biodegradable bamboo for its toothbrush handles. Its bristles are made from Dupont Nylon 6 bristles which degrade sooner than any other variety of Nylon.

My experience with both the sanitary pads and the toothbrush by Purganics has been really satisfying. The products are as projected by the company itself- Pure+Organic.

The only drawback is that it is a bit pricier than your average products. A packet of 10 organic pads costs upwards of Rs 300 approximately. But, organic is the way to go, and more than that Healthy is Sexy.

Buy Purganics here.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.

Keep your environment healthy.


With all Love,

The Highbrow






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