Relaunch: The Highbrow


This blog is in the beautiful memory of my little brother. My angel. And this Rakhi, today, is my first without him.

He knows how much I miss him and I know how much he wanted me to do well with The Highbrow. And now, I am going to give my life and soul to it. Today is nothing less than a dooms day to me but I’d not let that stay, it will now also be the relaunch of The Highbrow. So that, this day brings something good with it every year like it will bring the bad.

This blog would be nothing, would not even have been started if not for Prateek. And today, I want to dedicate it all to him for years I have spent annoying him and for years that I will miss doing it, each day. That is all I would say in this one.

Be back with a bang in the next post, stay tuned. I am sure your Rakhi is better than mine.

Have a good one!


The Highbrow

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