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Reliance Jewels Store Launch at Gold Souk Mall

Hello Guys!

I recently got the chance to attend the store re-launch of one of the very prominent fine jewelry brands, Reliance Jewels at Gold Souk Mall, Gurgaon. And it was a pleasure. The place has been re-done very thoughtfully.

The moment I entered the store, I couldn’t help but drool at the wide range of jewelry that was displayed. The diamond jewelry section took my heart away, placed right in the center of the store just as one enters.

Reliance Jewels

Majority of the space on the first floor is covered by Gold jewelry, Polki and Kundan. However, the second floor is blooming with stunning Diamond and Platinum jewelry. The store is so well designed that you are bound to notice the intricacies it has been designed with.

The Gold section of Reliance Jewels has very Indian design elements to it and the color palette used is from the brown and gold family of colors. The Diamond and Platinum section, on the other hand, is very contemporary with colors such as silver and grey. The store is done keeping in mind the basic designs of a jewelry piece, from wallpapers to lighting.

Reliance Jewels


  1. A major thing to notice in this store is, also, that Reliance Jewels has not used any faces, inside the store, to model their jewelry. All the images of the jewelry are without any human faces/bodies. Natural props such a stones, flowers and leaves are used.

Their fixtures and furniture was also placed very carefully and strategically. The chairs do not block the view of the onlooker, and the seating at the diamond section has been kept really low and without any back-rest to give the full frontal view of the section. This section is the highlight of the showroom, also showcasing some award winning pieces by Reliance Jewels.

All in all, the store is really well done, apart from housing prodigious fine jewelry. Must visit when you are out for the wedding shopping or just to splurge on some awesomeness!


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5 thoughts on “Reliance Jewels Store Launch at Gold Souk Mall”

  1. Its look stunning and the way you enunciate the store is just amazing. It felt like all the things got humanified. Perfecto!

  2. Its look stunning and the way you enunciate the store is just amazing. It felt like all the things got animated. Perfecto!


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