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SHEIN: To order or not to order

Hellllooooo girls!

Hope you had a good Sunday.

I ordered from SheIn a few days back and it arrived just today, Yay! So in this post, I will be sharing my experience with SheIn, and few tips on how to order from this instantly “too famous” website/app and prepare you for what you should expect when ordering from here!

What I ordered:

Bunny Ear Neck Blouse, Price: Rs.1105

I went crazy about this one the moment I saw it. I have a thing for bunnies and bunny ears, yes. Actually, this shirt is the sole reason for me ordering from SheIn, in the first place.

Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

How it turned out to be: Trust me, it is way better than what I expected. The size is perfect and the material looks really rich. It is perfect for semi-formal events.

Blossom Embroidered Yoke Fluted Blouse, Price: Rs.1105

I ordered this one just to fill up my cart and not order just one shirt(sigh!). Although, I am really over and done with embroidery, I think the sleeves here are really very cute.

Material: 100% Cotton (Woah, Okay!)

How it turned out to be: This one is a little big to look at, but it looks just perfect after wearing. It is surely a great buy. The material is cotton and the embroidery is very good quality.

Black Striped Side Leggings, Price: Rs.585

This is completely an experiment. I have no idea why I ordered it in spite of having a better version of it from Zara. (I am weirdly experimental at times)

Material: Stretchy, it says

How it turned out to be: This one turned out to be okay. The material is stretchy and good for rough daily wear. Fits me like a glove.

Metal Face Shaped Drop Earrings, Price: Rs. 325

These were one of the first things I really liked on SheIn. However, my friend did not (I hope you are reading it), and then she herself found this:

Yes, it is posted by WGSN. That’s so cool.

How it turned out to be: Really really cool. The quality is not that great, but its good for the price. They are light weight and beautiful!

All in all, my order has turned out to be a bliss. It just made my day, and I will order from SheIn again, soon!

A few tips to keep in mind when ordering from here:

  1. Check Reviews: Most of the items have reviews given below the item, you can trust them. I skipped buying items with no reviews. Play safe, girls.
  2. Scrutinise the Size chart: Yes, scrutinise. Like get into all the maths and order the size that fits. Sometimes, according to the measurements of a particular size chart, a Large might fit even if you are a Small size. There is no standard size chart.
  3. Check the material: Check the material details and then order accordingly. Order breathable fabrics like cotton; and try to avoid 100% polyester or 100% Viscose, it is bad quality and uncomfortable.
  4. Don’t expect too much: Don’t expect to get a Zara like quality top at 1000 bucks. The price for these items are less, and so will be the quality. Isn’t this how you shop at Sarojini Nagar?
  5. Recheck order: Don’t forget to recheck your order for size and material before ordering to avoid disappointments. The return policy sucks, as far as I know. Try avoiding it.


  1. Shipping: It took about ten days for my order to reach me. Don’t order if you need clothes on priority.
  2. Size: Tricky! It is not a standard sizing system. Hence, scrutinise, like I mentioned above.
  3. Quality: It can turn out to be good or bad. Do check material before placing the order.
  4. Return: Try avoiding.
  5. What to order?: Order basic stuff. It’s fast fashion and you will soon want to get rid of it anyway. Try to avoid purchasing items like jackets, bags, or denims.

Overall, SheIn is a great site to find trendy items at an affordable price. This is especially great so you don’t spend a fortune on the “hottest” new trend for it to sit in your closet when it goes out of style the next season! However, there can be downfalls, such as shipping and quality. Try to gather as much info about the item and pay close attention to sizing!

I hope, this would have helped enlighten your minds about the mysterious SheIn, haha. For further queries, you can contact me on Instagram or mail.

Till then, keep rocking!

With lots of love,

The Highbrow

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Image Courtesy: SheIn

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