Flower child in the Summer of Love

Did you know there is history behind being called a Flower Child?

Flower child originated as an equivalent word for hippie. It was the custom of “flower children” to wear and distribute flowers or flower themed designs to symbolize belonging, peace, and love. This originated in the Summer of Love. Read about it here.

A flower child rejected the customary society and upheld love, peace, and optimistic values.

However rigid our society maybe, it is for you to decide how to live your life. Live in peace, let live in peace. Your actions should not be subject to what the society will think or what the norms say, it should be about who you are. Remember, if you shine, the world shines.

You need not be a part of the mob, or stand alone for that matter. You do what you do best, you do what you stand for. And trust me, if you start to please people, you will never really fully please yourself. Keep faith in yourself, and things will fall in place.

Do good, be good. Love with open arms and forgive with a smile. The world maybe harsh, but you aren’t.

Lots of love to you guys.

Hold peace

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