The adventures of the needle: Embroidery

Who knew that a sewing technique to merely tailor, mend or patch a garment will come to become one of the trendiest decorative techniques? Might have been called an understatement once, embroidery is back and how. It gives life to a simple garment and right now, it is the hottest trend! Our feeds are filled with embroidered roses on every eff-ing thing, aren’t it? Started in early 2007, it is going nowhere for a while now.

It basically started off with the denim jackets and jeans, and now it is EVERYWHERE, from skirts and shirts to shorts and t-shirts, to accessories, handbags and shoes! You name it and it has got it.

Its origin can be dated back to 30,000 BC. Recorded history, sculptures, paintings and vases which depict inhabitants of various ancient civilizations show people wearing thread-embroidered clothing.

Embroidery was traditionally used to decorate clothing and household furnishings, but we can literally embroider anything as long as it is made out of an evenly woven fabric and can be held firmly in the hand or in a tapestry frame. The art of hand embroidery is a laborious process, but today garments are mostly decorated with machine embroidery.

Some of the famous Indian embroidery styles are Chikankari, Kantha, Phulkari, Zardosi, Kashidakkari, Aari, etc. Influenced by the various cultures that India has imbibed through innumerable invasions and settlements, embroidery from every region has a flavour of its own.

You really got to grab a few pieces for the aesthetic of it, and not just the trend. Find best choices of embroidery on Koovs and Zara. Here are some styling ideas.

For more cheaper and varied options checkout flea markets like BK Market in Kolkata, Sarojini Nagar and Janpath in Delhi, and Linking Road, Colaba and Fashion Street in Mumbai.

Aaaand there is another alternative, why not DIY some very simple designs on your old garments? Here are some ideas:

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Soooooo happy shopping and happy creating, girlies!

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