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Founded in 2014, by Karishma Kristina Singh, K.Kristina defines minimalism with a perfect balance of colour. Each collection explores the simple pleasures of life, things we see around us everyday but may not notice–Butterflies, popsicles, colourful bugs, blue skies, cotton candy, balloons, strawberries, sweets and desserts, etc. So here I am talking business with the very talented, and equally pretty Ms. Karishma!

Hey Karishma, tell us about your inspiration for K.Kristina?

Our designs are meant to bring joy to people, give them a reason to stop and stare and be curious. The prints are bold enough to make one stand out. We believe in creating statement timeless pieces. Something that you would want to wear over and over again. We don’t pay too much attention to forecasts and what’s ‘in’. The way we see it – happiness has no season!

Let’s tell the readers about your range of products and how they are different from the rest?

The products range from tops, crop tops, shirts to skirts, dresses and trousers.

We occasionally make custom scarves.

Since we don’t mass produce our products are made in small batches. A lot of attention is given to finishing and making sure each piece is made perfect. We try to keep our pieces affordable and unique which is a tough task especially with so many fast fashion brands out there. We hope that people will realize the importance of buying from smaller brands and make more conscious choices when it comes to fashion.

Already diggin’! What is your creative process like? 

My biggest inspiration is colour! Bright happy colours, on simple silhouettes. Simple everyday sights are also what I tend to draw inspiration from. I love to sketch and often end up turning my sketches into prints that I later use for my collections. That is what makes K.Kristina truly unique.

I like working with soft comfortable fabric, like cotton, cotton bends, silks and modals. Fabric feel is something that is very important to me, how it feels on the body and how it feels to touch. I try stay away from synthetic fabric that sticks to the body and doesn’t work for a mostly hot climate like ours.

The K.Kristina girl is happy, energetic and excited about what life has to offer her.

Define your target market for us.

Our clients are women in their 20’s to 50yr olds. To our surprise we found that so many older women simply love the prints and the colours! We also customize my clothes for people, and this helps us cater to a wider clientele.

Amazing! Tell us about your latest collection, and what should we expect next?

The collection I am working on currently is centered around nostalgia. Rather than the feeling is it more like the image that comes into ones mind, when you think of the word nostalgia. Think muted tones, light soft, dreamy fabric and a couple of my older prints make a comeback in a completely new avatar. I am super excited about this collection as it is a little different from the previous ones.

We are excited too! So how was the journey so far?

The past 3 years have been a journey to remember. Being a one man army, I (Karishma) handle everything from designing, sourcing, pattern making, marketing and social media. It has been a learning experience for me, everyday is new and met with a different challenge. There are no hard and fast rules for what works, I just keep myself motivated to keep going and creating. The happiness I see when my customers appreciate my work and the detail that goes into it, makes it all worth it at the end of the day!

So do you plan on expanding? 

Yes, we plan to start retailing in more multi-designer stores in India and widen our reach to the international market through retail and wholesale.

And do you sell online?

We do, our website is

Tell us where else to find you.

MaalGaadi, Chennai

A Tailors Tale, Chennai

ICO, Sri Lanka

Theory, Surat

Talasha, Hyderabad

Image Courtesy: K.Kristina

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